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UV resist HDPE texture board / colour hdpe board
UV resist HDPE texture board / colour hdpe board

Product description

Why choose HDPE Sheets over other material?

Environmental Friendly       

Xinxing HDPE Sheets are environmental friendly product as they are completely recyclable. When the environmental issue is getting more serious, everyone has the responsibility in fighting Global Warming. We should be contributing a little efforts in using products that are recyclable.  

UV Stabilized      

Xinxing HDPE Sheet are being produced for the application of both indoor and outdoor they are all UV Stabilized guaranteeing clourfast for at least 8 years.


HDPE Sheet do not rot, splinter, chip, swell, and it is also termite resistant. It offers a much longer life span compare to other materials. Its properties do not change even it is being installed outdoor, or at anywhere under the harsh weather and condition. HDPE sheets have very low water absorption rate t  hat discourages moulds and fungus from growing.

Maintenance free and Hassle free  ABOSN HDPE sheets are coloured sheets where you can choose any colour that you like. You will need no painting if you apply NEU HDPE sheets. It can also be easily cleaned by using a pressure washer and its non-stick surface makes graffiti difficult.

Cost Saving                                      

Taking into consideration of the advantages offered, working with ABOSN HDPE sheets can help in labour and material cost saving. It saves maintenance costs in long run too. 


Thickness range: 6mm~25mm


Max Width: 1300mm


Length: Any length


Standard sizes: 1220X2440; 1000X2000


*We can also provide any other sizes according to your special needs.






Standard Colors

Red, orange,yellow, sky, blue,purple,beige, black,green, white and any other colors according to customers’  requirements.




Outdoor recreational facilities

Sports venues

Carved signs 

Indoor house furniture

Playground Equipment 

Decorative Elements


Advantages of Double Color HDPE Sheets 

1. Excellent wear resistance              

2. Self-lubricating                                  

3. Excellent abrasion Resistance

4. Blunt impact resistance                

5. Corrosion and chemical resistance      

6. Low-temperature resistance         

7. UV resistant                                 

8. Food safe non-smell and non-toxic       

9. Good electrical insulation

10. Excellent machanical properties  

11. Stain resistant                                            

12. No delamination


Why choose us 

Professional manufacturing experience with own factory 

100% raw material for processing

Strict quality Control

In stock for quick delivery

OEM available, color, size, shape and specifications can be customer-order

ISO 9001:2008 Certification