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Various UHMW Polyethylene Strips
Various UHMW Polyethylene Strips

Product description

Our Products:

UHMWPE Sheet,UHMWPE Board,UHMW-PE Guide rail,UHMW-PE Strips,UHMW-PE Bar ,UHMWPE Panel,UHMWPE Plate,UHMWPE Filter Plate,UHMWPE Fender Pad,HDPE Pad,HDPE Plate,HDPE Panel

XINXING UHMWPE Sheet can be provided by various color ,size and molecular weight.You can find any kind of UHMW-PE Sheet that you want here.

The UHMW-PE Sheet made by us have the following advantages :

1.very flat on the surface  

2.The thickness tolerance is +2 -0

3.The color is pure and any color can be made by us.

4.We can give you an accurate size of UHMW-PE Sheet with advanced machine .

5.Different shaped UHMW-PE Sheets also can be made by us like bending sheet .


The size that we can make :







The color of UHMWPE :

Black,Blue,Green,White,Yellow,Red,Orange or other customer color according to your requirements

Our Product type :

PE100,PE 300,PE 500,PE 1000,PE2000

Our people are dedicated to produce more and more high quality and technique UHMWPE and HDPE Products for customer.

We are not a large factory but a most professional one which allow us to strive for quality products, short time delivery ,best service at a reasonable price.