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anti wear uhmwpe conveyor paddle/scraper blade/drag flight pad
anti wear uhmwpe conveyor paddle/scraper blade/drag flight pad

Product description

Drag paddle conveyors are most often used to convey material horizontally and then transition to an incline.  

They are commonly used for truck and rail receiving.  They utilize open barrel pintle chains with UHMW paddles.

Flat bottom drag flights | Drag conveyor components | Fabrication Gallery  Advantages:

Strong will not break

Abrasion resistant to outlast other materials

Flexible but returns to original shape

Chemical resistant won’t rust or corrode

Sanitary – USDA/FDA Approved


Heat and cold resistant

Moisture resistant – prevents clogging

Self Lubricating




Machine processed

Operating Temperature Range: -120 f +o 225 f

Installation: When Installing, place flat steel washer on the front side of the flight next to the plastic.


Flat Bottom Drag Flights (Paddles)


1) Customers Description (Manufacturer, Drawing # etc)

2) Material Type & Thickness (eg. UHMW, HDPE, Nylon,; if food grade required)

3) Size of flight: **Height **Width **Radius

4) Number of Holes ** Diameter Position of Holes **Width Spacing (centre to centre) **Height

5) Cut-Out Size: ** Width **Height

6) Bevel of Edge: Yes No Other Bevel (Specify)

7) Quantity Required

8) any additional information

What we can supply as below :  

Drag Conveyor Flight

UHMW-PE Drag conveyor flights

chain flight paddle

Paddle or Drag flight for Conveyor Chain

UHMWPE/HDPE conveyor paddle or drag flight for conveyor chain

Drag conveyor UHMW-PE flights

Drag Conveyor Flight

UHMWPE flat bottom drag conveyor flights

various engineering plastic UHMWPE drag conveyor parts

plastic gear rack and pinion

PE conveyor paddles/paddle conveyor UHMWPE/hdpe conveyor paddles

hdpe Polyethylene Large Plastic Washer