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Manufacturing Capacity and Equipment

  • Annual capacity for plastic products

    HDPE products: 8000 tons / year
    Extruded HDPE and PP sheets: 9000 tons /year
    Machined plastic parts: 3000 tons /year
    HDPE rod: 1000 tons/year

  • Equipment

    Hydraulic press machine
    3mX1.5m , 4.7mX1.2m,5mX1.3m,4.5mX2m,6mX1.8m,3mX2.5m,3mX3m,
    16total sets

  • Extrusion machine

    Width: 2.7 m
    Length: no limit
    Thickness: 1-30 mm
    Color: single color , dual color , sandwich color
    Surface: Flat surface , orange skin surface , anti-slip surface are all avaiable

  • Extrusion machine for plastic rods and tubes

    Xinxing uses both extruded rod machines and tube machines for different sizes of UHMWPE and HDPE rod and tube

  • CNC machine

    6 sets of CNC milling machines for different parts

  • Cutting machine

    4 sets of cutting machines

  • Other plastic processing machines

    Thickness machine, drilling machine, planner machine and other processing machines.