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virgin pe plastic crane stabiliser outrigger pad
virgin pe plastic crane stabiliser outrigger pad

Product Description

Outrigger pads

Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene outrigger pads which is also UHMW outrigger pads


UHMW Outrigger Pads are an alternative to wood pads due to their superior characteristics and performance which allows them to last longer.

light weight, 1/7 th the weight of steel;

withstands loads up to above 20 Mpa;

retains its physical properties to -80℃;

will not corrode, rot or rust;

high impact & wear resistance;

can withstand over 450T of compressive load

UHMW outrigger pads’ physical properties will not break down over time which means these pads will always act the same as the first day you purchased them.

do not absorb moisture and will not swell up over time due to exposure outdoors;

do not lose their impact strength over time;

are flexible, so they will bend but not break under extreme loads;

are easy to clean due to their low friction surface;

resistant to chemical;

safer to use in the field compared to other wood based pads;

It is a kind of modified uhmwpe materials,naco-rare earth is added to uhmwpe.With nano-rare earth metal,the material products have better impact resistance than uhmwpe.

1.Wear resistance / Abrasion resistance

UHMWPE has incomparable advantage in  wear resistance and  its better than almost all the other engineering plastics and some metal.For exemple,the slurry abrasion index of PA66 is 5 times of uhmwpe, HDPE or PVC is 10.Also,CARBON STEEL is 7 times,BRASS is over 27. 

2.Impact resistance

The impact resistance of UHMWPE is about 2 times of PC,5 times of  ABS,more than 10 times of POM or PBT.


UHMWPE has a very low coefficient of friction (0.05-0.11) and excellent self-lubrication.It is only second to 

PTFE without lubricant,when it is used to sliding or rotating it's better more than CARBON STELL

 and BRASS with lubricant.

4.Chemical resistance

In addition to the strong fluoride acid,UHMWPE can withstand corrosive medium(acids,alkalis,salts) and organic solvents(except naphthalene solvent) in a certain temperature and concentration range .

5.Impact energy absorption

UHMWPE has excellent noise damping and a significant effect in sound attenuation.

6.Non-stick performance

The non-stick performance of UHMWPE is second only to PTFE,and the surface is not easy to  adhere to   other material.


The water absorption of UHMWPE is very low,generally less than 0.01%,and 1% of PA6.