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Balck outrigger pad with LOGO
Balck outrigger pad with LOGO

Product Description

 Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemcial Co.,ltd can provides all kind of outrigger pads according to customer requirements like the outrigger pads with recess and handles , outrigger pads with engraved logo, outrigger pads with speciall anti-slip surface and so on . All kind of OEM sevrice is available here.

Product General Introduction

To permit maximum lifting capacity and improve safety, outrigger pads are used to provide support to terrain and mobile crane outriggers. When outrigger pad are used, the high pressures generated by cranes are distributed over a larger area, reducing the risk of a failure that could lead to a crane accident.

Our engineered plastic outrigger pads offer lightweight, strong, and solid support for your crane. Unlike other materials, UHMWPE crane outrigger pad can be easily handled and positioned by one person. Our crane outrigger pad don’t warp like wood or corrode like steel. They have no pilferage value, and with Xinxing lifetime replacement guarantee, we’re confident they won’t break.

Crane UHMWPE outrigger pad offers wear and strength, while providing noise, vibration and super grip for steady crane operation, protects the street or any other surface on which your crane must rest. It is ideal for impact or scratch sensitive materials like a gymnasium floor.

Xinxing has been supplying crane, concrete and paving equipment users with high quality outrigger pads to keep their trucks steady. We stock a broad range of round and square pads. Custom sizes are also available, Xinxing is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and has 20 years of plastics manufacturing and fabricating experience. You can expect top quality products and service when you order from Xinxing. To ensure the crane has proper support and can maintain a level condition, you must know how much weight is exerted on the outriggers. Xinxing’s sales staff is primarily composed of engineers ready to help you decide the size outrigger pads needed for your crane.

(2)Benefits of using Xinxing Outrigger Pads


1/7th the weight of steel

1/4 the weight of aluminum

Can easily be handled by one person

Strong & Resilient

Handle up to 3000 psi of compressive load

Resist breakage and will not splinter

Will not crack due to slight variations of the ground

Retain their shape

Prevent "bird baths" on the pavement

Material has a memory, does not mushroom or warp

Cost Efficient

Last longer than your crane - cheaper materials must be replaced many times during the life of your crane

No pilferage value - Scrap dealers won’t pay a penny to the thief

Competitively priced

Volume discounts available, call for pricing

Corrosion and Rust Resistant

Zero Water Absorption

No weight increase due to exposure to the elements or wet ground

No rotting or weakening of the product

Easy to Clean

Do Not Conduct Electricity

Xinxing  Product Quality is Guaranteed

Manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 facility with over 40 years of manufacturing and fabricating experience

If you break an outrigger pad under normal conditions, Xinxing will replace it free of charge

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XINXING always comply to your request .