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hdpe outrigger pads/ crane leg support pads
hdpe outrigger pads/ crane leg support pads

Product Description

 Crane outrigger pads Advantage : 

--Non-stick surface, easy to clean. 

--Corrosion and chemical resistant.

--Noise- absorption, Vibration-absorption 

--Super compression strength 

--15 Percent the weight of steel pads and easier to handle

--Compressive loads up to one million pounds 

--Up to 15,000 pounds per square foot 


--Non-Toxic and smell 

-- Are flexible, so they will bend but not break under extreme loads.

--Light weight


Crane outrigger pads Benefits: 

--Work in sub zero temperatures 

--Easy to mount, replace 

--Reduced downtime. 

--Lower maintenance costs. 


--Durable & Long Lasting 

--Cost Efficient compared to Steel or Aluminum

--Safer to use in the field compared to other wood based pads.



Crane outrigger pads Application:

Our Outrigger Pads put under the support-leg of Truck Crane,

Crawler Crane,

Rough Crane, Boom Pump,

Concrete Pump and so on.