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Orange color Outrigger pad with handle inside
Orange color Outrigger pad with handle inside

Product Description

1. Outrigger Pad advantages :

1.HDPE /UHMWPE solid hard plastic

2. Non-conductive 

3.Easy to clean

4.Chemical or Oil resistance 

5.Storage -friendly 

6.Durable -Long lasting 

7.Manufacture in many shapes ,square or round 

2.Application of Outrigger Pad :

Fire trucks 

Utility trucks 

Concrete pumps 

Crane leg put on 

Any type of Aerial Equipment 

3.Product Standards

Guaranteed Unbreakable

Weighs 75% Less Than Aluminum

Engineered Thermoplastic Construction

Industrial Grade Safety Texturing

Radius Edge and Corner Design

Waterproof and Chemical Resistant


1-2 Person Carry

ID Stamping and Engraving Options

Portable High Performance Load Distribution

Ergonomic Safety for Operators and Crews

See Complete Product Standards


Custom colors available

Custom etching of your company name or logo