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Crane pad with handle , outrigger pad
Crane pad with handle , outrigger pad

Product Description

Benefits :


·1/7th the weight of steel

·1/4 the weight of aluminum

·Can easily be handled by one person


Strong & Resilient

·Handle up to 3000 psi of compressive load

·Resist breakage and will not splinter

·Will not crack due to slight variations of the ground

·Retain their shape

·Prevent "bird baths" on the pavement

·Material has a memory, does not mushroom or warp


Cost Efficient

·Last longer than your crane - cheaper materials must be replaced many times during the life of your crane

·No pilferage value - Scrap dealers won’t pay a penny to the thief

·Competitively priced

·Volume discounts available, call for pricing

Corrosion and Rust Resistant

Zero Water Absorption

·No weight increase due to exposure to the elements or wet ground

·No rotting or weakening of the product

Easy to Clean

Do Not Conduct Electricity