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SafeTech Crane Outrigger pad
SafeTech Crane Outrigger pad

Product Description

The XINXING Outrigger Pad Difference  There are many look-a-like outrigger pads on the market, these are not the same.

SafetyTech Outrigger Pads are engineered from top to bottom. We use a proprietary engineered thermoplastic formula that provides greater stiffness and strength. That performance can be seen in our crush ratings (up to 750 psi), maximum rated capacities (up to 325,000 lbs), FEA modeling and in field use.

SafetyTech Outrigger Pads have been awarded six patents that cover the innovative handle and pad designs that make our pads safe, ergonomic and easy to use. XINXING SafetyTech Pads are also the only outrigger pad that is available in 3D Lift Plan.

Available in 3D Lift Plan

Stiffer and stronger proprietary material

Awarded six patents

Guaranteed Unbreakable

Made in the USA

What XINXING Does For Us

“If a proper cost-benefit analysis is completed, including longevity, functionality and safety considerations, the lifetime outrigger pad that XINXING produces is a no brainer.” – Mike Moser, My Fleet Department

What Size Outrigger Pad Do You Need?

SafetyTech outrigger pads are available in three categories; Medium Duty (1.0″ thick), Heavy Duty (2.0″ thick) and Super Duty (3.0″ and 4.0″ thick) and are designed for equipment typically up to 100 tons in capacity. As the thickness of a SafetyTech outrigger pad increases it has a greater ability to distribute higher loads over the ground.

The size and thickness of the outrigger pad you need depends on your equipment type/specifications and the soil bearing capacity.

The need to account for your soil bearing capacity as well as load is done using our easy 3 step fitting system. This industry-leading system provides you with an outrigger pad recommendation that includes the area and thickness your outrigger pads require to function safely.

See our 10 tips for a successful crane setup for more information on outrigger pad sizing and use.