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Black square outrigger antislip jacking block
Black square outrigger antislip jacking block

Product Description

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd produce all kinds of crane outrigger pads.Especially for some very big uhmwpe and hdpe crane outrigger pads,we can help you to install very stronger steel chain handle holes.Each crane need 4 sets of crane outrigger stailizer pads, so we do not have limitation on the order quantity.

Our 1mX1mX60MM uhmwpe and hdpe Crane outrigger stabilizer pads with stronger handle holes is the best seller among the crane outrigger pads. Customer can require different size and color also can have the free sevrice to engrave logo on outrigger pads if order more than 1 ton crane pads .

For crane outrigger stabilizer antislip pads, XINXING is your best choice. Amily is the best person for your sevrice.