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crane leg support pads/heavy duty hdpe plastic crane outrigger pads
crane leg support pads/heavy duty hdpe plastic crane outrigger pads

Product Description

Product General Introduction:

 Outrigger Pads are manufactured using engineered UHMWPE, providing superior strength-to-weight ratio than the timbers commonly used to support outriggers and crane arms. These lightweight, usable pads provide a large non-slip surface area for absorbing load - minimising movement and sinkage. They can be used to stabilise outriggers, crane arms, scaffolding structures, uprights and angled loadings.

Outrigger Pads will not splinter, warp, delaminate or breakdown in the harsh environment. The pads are engineered to bend but not break and come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Featuring a non-slip textured surface, these pads are built to the highest safety standards and are very easy to use with convenient safety rope handles.



Outrigger Pads are the only engineered quantifiable and rated outrigger pads available today and come in a range of sizes to suit every job.

Foot pads must be smooth and have 203.2 sq. cm of surface.

Muddy or loose soil conditions may require additional shoring or stacking of pads.

Excessive flexing &/or bending may shorten the usable life of the pad.

Acceptable operating temperature range is -40°C to 82.2°C.

Handle located on width side of all pads, larger pads have two or more handles opposite each other.