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heavy loading trailer stabilizer jack uhmwpe crane foot outrigger pad
heavy loading trailer stabilizer jack uhmwpe crane foot outrigger pad

Product Description

outrigger pads purpose is to absorb the weight of heavy machinery and to give a stable surface for it to rest upon. They create a bigger footprint for machinery, stabilizing them more effectively than the ground. While a crane may seem stable on normal dirt, small changes can dangerously affect their structural integrity. For example, the dirt may buckle and shift under the weight of the machinery. Small movements at the base of a crane equate to huge, dangerous movements at its peak.

When working with outrigger systems, it’s important to understand that the point of contact between an outrigger and the ground is quite small. Because of the pressure of the outrigger, the ground underneath may shift, be displaced or collapse if an outrigger pad is not used. If any of those things happen, there is the potential for the equipment to shift or tip the load, which could lead to the equipment toppling over. In fact, approximately half of crane lifting accidents are caused by improper use of outriggers.

Outrigger pads were created to stabilize equipment so that the ground below doesn’t shift and equipment doesn’t topple over. Stability is dependent upon the equipment’s footprint and center of mass. The footprint is the total area enclosed by the support structure of the equipment. The center of mass is the point at which the equipment would balance if it were set on top of a single point to support it. If the center of mass is on the edge of the footprint or outside of it, the equipment will topple. There are two ways to provide extra stability. The first is to use a counterweight to help shift the center of mass back over the footprint. The second is to make the footprint bigger with an extendable outrigger system.

Don’t minimize the amount of safety on your job site by using a wooden outrigger pad or none at all. We want to use cranes and lifters as tools to get the job done, and not let their immense weight make them a safety liability. A Mytee Products’ one of auto towing accessories High Density Polyethylene Outrigger Pad will maximize safety and profits at your job site. It will help ensure your heavy machinery is stable and safe. Don’t cut corners and use wooden pads that are unsafe and require constant replacement.