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UHMWPE Plastic Crane Outrigger Pads Plastic Crane Foot Pads
UHMWPE Plastic Crane Outrigger Pads Plastic Crane Foot Pads

Product Description

Product information

standard black;

custom sizes available;

Logo imprint available;

light weight;

no cold imbrittlement, works from -80ºC to 100ºC;

non-conductive, non-magnetic, and non-fibrous;

absorbs no water;

UHMW Outrigger Pads are an alternative to wood pads due to their superior characteristics and performance which allows them to last longer.

light weight, 1/7 th the weight of steel;

withstands loads up to above 20 Mpa;

retains its physical properties to -80ºC;

will not corrode, rot or rust;

high impact & wear resistance;

can withstand over 450T of compressive load

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Advantages in severe environment or conditions

 simple to install and requires virtually no maintenance;

unlimited lifetime warranty;

ergonomic & envrionmentally friendly;

easy to clean;

hand cut-outs for field handling;

easty storage;