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Ice Hockey Dasher Board System
Ice Hockey Dasher Board System

Product Description

Anti aging HDPE and UHMWPE roller skating rinks or roller skating court flooring  mobile dasher board

Enjoy the on-ice experience all year long in your backyard, basement, garage or anywhere you might imagine!


Select Ultra-High Density (UHMWPE-Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethypene synthetic panels for: 

   #Commercial use 

   #Figure skating

   #Hockey practice

Select High Density (HDPE-High Density Polyethylene) synthetic panels for:

Home or backyard ice skating entertainment

Home ice hockey games and practice


Main advantages of synthetic ice rink (UHMWPE/HDPE panel/pads) over a real ice


         #Personalized rink shapes and sizes

         #Choice of rink surface colors

         #Different thicknesses according to need


         #No compressors or complex machinery

         #No cold generation (no chillers, no generators)

         #Low maintenance energy cost

         #Low water consumption

         #Low maintenance costs


          #Indoor and outdoor skating

          #Wide variety of uses

          #Great for places where a real ice rink cannot be installed for technical or aesthetic reasons

         #Quick installation (approximately 3 days)

If you have any interested, pls feel free to contact: vyron@sdxxhg.com