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UV-resistance black color corner OEM fender pad
UV-resistance black color corner OEM fender pad

Product Description

Our Product type :


UHMWPE 3million molecule weight

UHMWPE 5million molecule weight

UHMWPE 7million molecule weight 

UHMWPE 9million molecule weight


1. SCN Supper Cone Fender    

2.Arch Marine fender pad 

3.SCK Cell Fender   

4.UE-V Fender 

5.MV marine pad

6.Parallel Motion Fender pad

7.Composite Marine Fender    

8. Cornered fender pad  


High Density Polyethylene 

Different shape and size is also available

Processing and Application of unti-UV PE marine rubber fender  pad 


UHMW-PE dose not melt. That's right, almost every type of plastic that you are familiar with melts, but UHMW-PE dose not. Here in lies the reason for its late introduction into the manufacturing world. So how do you force a resin that dose not melt into a molding tool and eventually into a finished product? The answer to this question is what has placed Global Polymer Industries among the fastest growing companies in the polyethylene industry today.


Industrial UHMWPE is being used for hundreds of applications in mining, construction, chemical plants, waste water treatment plants, just to name a few. These industrial plants have the need for impact toughness, corrosion resistance, and biological inertness. UHMW-PE is used as scrapers, bushings, gears, conveyor rollers and more.



UHMW-PE will make your agriculture machinery last longer, run more efficiently, and will reduce operating and maintenance costs.



UHMW-PE is used for a variety of parts for recreation vehicles such as snowmobile skis, bogey wheels, drive sprockets, idler arms and rollers.


Food and Drug

Tobacco, cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging machines use UHMW-PE parts operate clean without contamination, lubricants, rust or corrosion. UHMW-PE parts slide easily without staining or sticking. Drive parts outwear those made of stainless steel and cost less. Cleaning with steam or strong detergents cause no harm to UHMW-PE parts. With FDA clearance and USDA acceptance for food contact, UHMW-PE parts are safe and sanitary.



Because UHMW-PE is non-marking, non-abrasive and virtually an unbreakable material, dock and boatlift manufactures use UHMW-PE for bumpers, fenders, rub rails, etc.



Truck suspension manufacturers use UHMW-PE parts for wear plates, shims, bearings, etc. Railroad cars use UHMW-PE for wear plates, shims and coupler carriers.



UHMW-PE is the only plastic approved for medical implants. Global Polymer Industries has medical grade UHMW-PE available for molding various orthopedic joints such as hips, knees, and shoulders. UHMW-PE’s unique self-lubricating properties make it ideal for many medical applications