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Marine Fenders by UHMWPE MATERIAL
Marine Fenders by UHMWPE MATERIAL

Product Description

Marine Fenders provide the necessary interface between the berthing ship and the berth structure and therefore the principal function of the fender is to transform the impact load from the berthing ship into reactions, which both the ship and berth structure can safely sustain.


Marine fenders typically operate as a group of single units where the type, location and density of their installation or deployment depends on several factors including their technical specifications, berth structure, ship type, etc.


The basic function of the marine fenders is to manage the excess kinetic energy of the ship during the approach or berthing operation preventing damage to occur in both the ship and the berth. In case of elastomeric fenders the excess kinetic energy is stored within the elastic elements, which are deformed by developing a counter parallel (to the motion of the ship) reaction force, which results in slowing down the vessel and keeping it to a safe distance from the quay.