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Yellow UHMWPE dock bumper with rubber bottom
Yellow UHMWPE dock bumper with rubber bottom

Product Description

Many garages and warehouse will have problems when their car or truck enter or exit the garage and wearhouse , the car or truck maybe strike the door or the wall , there will be damages of car, truck ,wall and door . So it is a big headache to customers . Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co., LTD invented the UHMW-PE dock bumpers and pad to slove customers' problem .

uhmwpe dock bumper for car.

cheap price of uhmwpe truck dock bumper for warehouse protection from Xinxing

UHMW-PE dock bumpers and pad has the following advantages:

Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene is often referred to as the world toughest polymer, which is an optimum material instead of rubber, metal and wood. It is lighter and has lower coefficient of friction than rubber. 

-PE dock bumpers and pad are easier to be fixed and maintained so as to reduce the cost

- good tensile strength 

-superior impact resistant, Noise- absorption, Vibration-absorption 

-super compression strength 

-good breaking elongation

-15 Percent the weight of steel pads,and easier to handle and fix

-Chemically inert, serviceable from 180° F to - 250° F

-Corrosion, chemical, wear and moisture resistant.

-Non-stick surface, easy to clean

-Good performance in resisting environment stress crack, 200 times of ordinary PE

-Does not rot, split or crack; 100% recyclable