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Replacement Vertical Loading Dock Bumpers Guards
Replacement Vertical Loading Dock Bumpers Guards

Product Description

Many garages and warehouse will have problems when their car or truck enter or exit the garage and wearhouse , the car or truck maybe strike the door or the wall , there will be damages of car, truck ,wall and door . So it is a big headache to customers. We supply many styles of loading dock bumpers. Choose from Laminated Bumpers, Extruded Bumpers, Molded Bumpers, or Steel Faced Bumpers. 

Replacement Vertical Loading Dock Bumpers Guards Features

Eliminates wear from up and down friction movement of trailers loading and unloading.

Cost effective due to longer wear expectancy and fewer replacement costs.

Impervious to weather damage.

Maintenance free.

Use molded bumpers for a clean, neat, attractive dock area.

Molded in one piece. Our molded bumpers will not warp, rust, rot or harden.

Spectra-Shield Molded Dock Bumper face is constructed of Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene recessed into reinforced molded rubber and steel frame. 

Any demands, please contact us today wendy@abosn.com

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