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UPE and Rubber Dock bumper
UPE and Rubber Dock bumper

Product Description

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing nylon and uhmwpe dock bumper can be customized.Customer only show their drawing then we will produce the dock bumper according to customer requirements.All kinds of dock bumper is available with us. Blue uhmwpe dock bumper,black nylon dock bumper ,yellow nylon dock bumper,yellow uhmwpe dock bumper

Nylon and UHMW-PE dock bumper and pad has the following advantages:

● Good tensile strength                                                               

● good impact intensity

● super compression strength                                                  

● good breaking elongation

● 15 Percent the weight of steel pads                                      

● Chemically inert, serviceable from 180° F to - 250° F

● Corrosion, chemical, wear and moisture resistant.           

● Non-stick surface, easy to clean

With our professional engineers and workers hard work,we have invented many kinds UHMW-PE dock bumpers and pad,any special need of UHMW-PE dock bumpers and pad will be available,just tell me your design and idea,we can satisfy your special need.