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UV Resistance Tivar UHMW Polyethylene dock-fender facing pad/panel
UV Resistance Tivar UHMW Polyethylene dock-fender facing pad/panel

Product Description

This UHMW-PE Fender Face Pad are used mostly on the SCP Fender and Cone fender which are called the latest in state-of-the-art moulded fender products.The UHMW-PE possesses a low coefficient of friction which provides a smooth sliding surface for the vessel to travel along the fender face.The following character also make the UHMW-PE Fender become the strongest and most popular fender in the world:

1. Non-Toxic and smell

2. Low coefficient of friction

3. Corrosion resistant

4. Abrasion and impact resistant

5. Anti-Weather and Anti-Aging

6. Self-lubricating

7. Wear Resistant

8. Great liner material for industrial material handling applications

9. UV Resistant/ultraviolet-resistance sheet

10. High Operating Temperature

11. High Tensile Strength

12. High Viscosity

13. Flame Retardant

14. Reprocessed

XINXING UHMW-PE comes in many colors and thicknesses according to your requirements and also can be provided in a re-processed grade for a more economical solution

Which marine fender UHMWPE pad we can produce:

SCN supper cone fender;

Arch marine fender;

SCN supper cone fender;

UE-V fender;

MV fender;

Parallel motion fender;

Composite marine fender;

Cornered fender pad