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UHMW-PE Marine Dock Fender Face Pad, Boat Fender Pads
UHMW-PE Marine Dock Fender Face Pad, Boat Fender Pads

Product Description

XINXING Dock Products introduces another super solution for in and around the dock. The next time your boat comes into your slip or 

alongside your dock during adverse conditions, or perhaps with a less experienced hand at the helm, you'll be glad you have the advantage 

of XINXING dock bumper to protect your boat and dock. Prevent expensive damage to boat and dock and protect your hull against unsightly 

scratches and hard-to-remove scuff marks with Xinxing dock products. These are constructed of flexible, marine-grade polyethylene which 

will not chip or crack from temperature extremes and are unaffected by oil, gas, or saltwater. UV inhibitors prevent yellowing and deterioration 

from sunlight to help maintain a clean, professional appearance.


Totally safe, versatile and very durable. The new height adjustable durable dock bumpers are suitable for all situations and are very easy to 

install and maintain, preventing damage to docks, trailers and vehicles. For all vehicle and trailer types these very versatile and durable in 

height adjustable bumpers are made of high quality PE for safe docking preventing damage to both the dock, the vehicle and the trailer.

UHMW PE is the strongest and toughest of all polyethylene grades for marine applications – even outlasting steel as a facing material, 

and many times better than timber facings. UHMW PE does not decay or rot, and is unaffected by marine borers. It is grain-free so will not 

splinter or crush, and can be cut, drilled and machined with ease. Most UHMW PE is supplied as Black – not just because this is the most 

economic choice, but also because black is manufactured using a double sintering process which work hardens the UHMW PE to further 

increase its abrasion resistance.

UHMW PE is available in many other colors yellow, white, blue, green, red, grey or orange which can be used to make the fender system 

highly visible in poor weather or to demarcate zones along a berth. UHMW PE also comes in many thicknesses per project requirements 

and also can be provided in a re-processed grade for a more economical solution.

UHMW PE can also be supplied in stand-alone applications not related to rubber fenders, for sliding surfaces that do not require any energy 



 Fender panel facing pads
⇒ Fender pile rubbing strips
⇒ UE-V fender shields
⇒ Facing strips for jetties and wharves
⇒ Lock entrance and lock wall protection
⇒ Mitres on lock gates
⇒ Bridge buttress protection
⇒ Pontoon pile guide bearings
⇒ Fast-launch lifeboat slipways
⇒ Beltings for smaller workboats

Company Information
Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest Engineering Plastic products manufacture in China.All the stuff in our company are dedicated to producing satisfying products and developing new products for our customer.We have gained many certificates from government and professional fields.We have a wide variety of products,mainly including all kinds of UHMW-PE Fender Pad,UHMW-PE sheet,HDPE sheet,PP sheet and other Engineering plastic products.Our products are widely applied on eletric fields,wharf and port,mining,chemical plant and so on which bring a lot of social benefits and economic benefits.Now they are popular all over the world.
We always share the things"Quality first,Customer first,keeping improving"to win more benefits for our customer.
In order to a chieving rapid and sustainable development,we are willing to establish a wide and deep cooperation relation with enterprises both home and abroad.

UHMW-PE Marine Dock Fender Face Pad, Boat Fender Pads