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UHMWPE/HDPE Truck dump bed liner
UHMWPE/HDPE Truck dump bed liner

Product Description

We are engaged in offering a wide range of UHMWPE Wear Resistant Liner Plates. UHMWPE liners can be fitted to steel or concrete, Bunkers, chutes, silos. The surface on which the liners are to be fitted must be reasonably flat and clean. Correct mounting of uhmwpe wear liner can assure satisfactory performance. In case liner plates are exposed to sunlight, black, UV-resistant liners should be used. While installing the liners the coefficient of expansion of UHMW polyethylene must be taken into consideration, since it is about 8 times lighter than steel. As such it is always recommended to mount the liners at the normal temperature of operation.

The size of the UHMWPE/HDPE Polyethylene liner :





Color:Black,Blue,White,Red,Yellow,Grey,Green and other customer color

Material :PE 500, PE 1000,PE 2000

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