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2%-50% Boron Contain Boracic HDPE Sheets
2%-50% Boron Contain Boracic HDPE Sheets

Product Description


Borated Polyethylene Sheet is a new product developed by Xinxing Chem in cooperation with relevant governmentbureau. Utilizing ultra-high molecular weight polyethyleneas a basic raw material, adding boron compounds,polyethylene wax, and other additives, it is polymerized bya special process.


Borated PE/HDPE/UHMW-PE sheet is a relatively cheap neutron shielding materials, prevent neutron radiation or prevent radiation, good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, no smell.High mechanical strength, smooth surface, easy to facilitate decontamination, mechanical processing, easy installation and maintenance.auti UV plastic ground cover.

Nuclear Reactors
Nuclear detection systems
Transport containers
PersonnelandCargo Detection Devices
Medical vaults and vault doors
Research Applications

More Datailed Information:

Borated Polyethylene:
1.Key feature 5%-30% boron content
Radiation protection
Neutron shielding
High wear resistance
Not sticky
Low coefficient of friction
Excellent chemical resistance
Good impact resistance
2. Radiation Protection Products carries borated polyethylene in the following sheet types:
Inustrial Grade I (purple, 5%* Boron by Weight)
Graded III (red, 2% * Boron by Weight)
Grade II (yellow, 1 %* Boron by Weight)
Virgin Polyethylene (natural color)
3. Different types of radiation make up most radioactive fields. Borated polyethylene is designed to mitigate the following types of radiation:
Fast Neutrons
Thermal Neutrons
Primary Gamma Rays
Secondary Gamma Ray