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Radiation Protection Borated Polyethylene Sheets
Radiation Protection Borated Polyethylene Sheets

Product Description


Borated Polyethylene Sheet is a new product developed by Xinxing Chem in cooperation with relevant governmentbureau. Utilizing ultra-high molecular weight polyethyleneas a basic raw material, adding boron compounds,polyethylene wax, and other additives, it is polymerized bya special process.

Advantage:It has a good anti-radiation performance, noactivated products, low gamma ray energy. The chemical performance is stable, and also corrosion resistance,non-toxic, odorless. More over, it is of high mechanicalstrength, smooth surface, easy to decontamination,machining, to install and maintenance. It is widely promotedand applied in both China and abroad.

Machine Parts Mould Size:
Size is Avalable

Boron content:2%-50%,Can custom according to your request.
Our factory has several CNC milling machines with professional processing level and capability.

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co., Ltd. is founded in 2005. We are specialized in the research and production of PE and UHMW-PEb sheets and shaped parts.
We have a strong R&D department and experienced engineers. We can design and produce OEM/ODM products according to your drawings and samples. Quality control is more an action than a slogan. Strict quality control is implemented in all aspects of operations to meet the high standards of top-tier customers. This philosophy has permeated all levels of the production processes covering:
(1) Incoming material inspection
(2) Inspection of work-in-progress
(3) Finished product inspection
(4) Random warehouse inspections