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HDPE Conveyor Guards
HDPE Conveyor Guards

Product Description

Xinxing conveyor guards are a plastic guarding system designed to improve safety for bulk handling systems. The purpose of conveyor guards is to protect personnel from harm associated with conveyors; either by preventing personnel from entering the danger zone and/or to contain rogue material within the conveyor.

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), our conveyor guards are designed to be a light-weight, low-maintenance and corrosion-free alternative to conventional non-HDPE guards.

Simple Design

The conveyor guards focus on ease of access. Each panel can be removed in a matter of minutes with simple tooling for quick and easy access to the conveyor.

Our installation system is designed to be simple, quick and easy. It is as simple as sliding the panel into place and fastening 2 bolts so the guard cannot be removed. No complicated instructions or special skills are required.

During maintenance shutdowns, our guards can be safely secured on the conveyor handrails. This is to ensure that they are out of the way and reduces the likelihood of them being misplaced.


Our guards are a more sustainable option to conventional guards as they are made out of 100% recycled and recyclable Australian HDPE plastic. The plastic can be repurposed after the guards service life.