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Neutron Radiation Shielding Boron Polyethylene Parts
Neutron Radiation Shielding Boron Polyethylene Parts

Product Description

Xinxing Neutron Radiation Shielding Boron Polyethylene Parts was specially designed for nuclear 

shielding applications, and is used in a variety of applications including high intensity X-rays, 

cancer treatment facilities, nuclear submarines, and nuclear power plants.

Neutron Radiation Shielding Boron Polyethylene Parts, are boron loaded PE-(U)HMW grades. 

The high hydrogen content of PE (U)HMW makes it very suitable for slowing down fast neutrons 

lower energy thermal (slow) neutrons, which are then absorbed by the added boron compound. 

Whereas both PE-HMW and PE-UHMW are suitable for neutron shielding,  PE-UHMW is often 

preferred because of its better deformation behaviour at high temperatures and its superior impact 

strength and wear resistance.


Neutron Radiation Shielding Boron Polyethylene PartsNeutron Radiation Shielding Boron Polyethylene Parts

Neutron Radiation Shielding Boron Polyethylene Parts Applications :

Medical vaults and doors

Hot cells

Nuclear storage and transport containers

Nuclear waste management

Particle accelerators

Nuclear detection systems


Xinxing Borated PE Products :

UH15 /HM15   1.5% Boron 

UH30/HM30       3% Boron 

UH50/HM50/HD50    5% Boron -10% Boron 


Product Name

Neutron Radiation Shielding Boron Polyethylene Parts


Virgin PE Material


Black Color


ISO9001, SGS etc.


PE100, PE300, PE500, PE1000, PE2000 etc.




0.94-0.96 g/cm3

Thickness tolerance

+0.5/-0 mm


We provide UHMWPE / UPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) which the average molecular 

weight is estimated in the range of 4~9 million.UHMW polyethylene sheet & shapes could be customized 

according to customers' demands.



Products Description 

1. UHMW Sheet Catalog

Natural virgin grade

Fender grade

Black anti static grade

Glass filled / Ceramic filled grade

Flame resistant grade

Green self lubricating grade

Natural high molecular grade PE 500 

2. UHMW Sheet Size

2000x1000x(6-300)mm     3050x3050x(6-300)mm

5040x1330x(6-300)mm     4730x1230x(6-300)mm

3050x1220x(6-300)mm     6050x1820x(6-300)mm

3030x1550x(6-300)mm     4520x2000x(6-300)mm


Any size within the standard size is available.

3. Advantages of UHMW Sheet


Good Abrasion&wear resistance (15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel).

Corrosion & impact resistant.

low temperature resistant.

Non-water absorption

Easy to machine

4. UHMW Sheet Applications

Application: marine UHMW-PE sheet; Replace carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze used in textile, 

paper making, food machinery, transportation, medical machinery, coal machinery, chemical industry 

and other departments.


Examples: Technical spindle, picking stick, gear, coupling, flower stem, buffer block, eccentric block, 

rod bushing and other wear resistant parts in textile industry. Besides, owing to its wear resistant is 

better than carbon steel,it can be shaped various different parts for machinery, including the gear in 

food machinery, worm gear, worm, bearing etc.


Our Company

The largest factory in China about UHMWPE Sheet, PE1000 Board, UHMWPE Pad, T88 sheet, 

8 workshops, 12 sets CNC machines, all kinds of certification and industry standards could be met. 

In addition, we could provide the best after-sale service, 24 hours online for you!