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UHMWPE sliding Chain guide rail
UHMWPE sliding Chain guide rail

Product Description

UHMWPE sliding Chain guide rail

Product Description


UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is thermoplastic engineering plastics, which is normally used in the area of marine, transport, coal-mining, machinery, paper-making, textile industry, etc.

1. Low coefficient of friction 2. Wear resistance 3. Blunt impact resistance 
4. Corrosion resistance 5. Hygienic and non-poisonous. 

UHMWPE Wear roller, Ultra-high wear resistance is the largest application of such products advantages: Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate of the most striking one is that it has ultral high performance wear, this performance in many engineering applications are very valuable. In the present, all plastic, its wear resistance is the best, even many metal meterials (such as carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, etc.) are not as regular wear it. As the molecular weight of the polyethylene increases, the more wear-resistant material, the more durable. As the use of uhltra high molecular weight polyethylene component friction device, in addition to improve the wear life, but also receive the energy-saving effect.







XINXING CNC machined UHMWPE parts:
Our CNC machine can make drilling, do chamfer, and do other processing under the control of computer. 
Our professional workers can process the UHMWPE sheet and rod into different shape as customer 
special request. If you have special parts troubled you, please feel free to contact us. Your approval is 
our greatest satisfaction!

CNC machined UHMWPE products:

UHMWPE wear strips
wearable UHMWPE gasket 
Simple big size gear 
Sleeve pipe 
UHMWPE guide rail 
UHMWPE block
all shape UHMWPE CNC machined parts

 uhmwpe part15.jpguhmwpe part12.jpguhmwpe part13.jpg







--Transportation machinery: Guide rail, convey belt, convey device slide block seat, fixing 
board, product flow line timing star wheel.
--Food processing machinery: With its performance of high wear resistance, anti-impact 
resistance, inadhesion resistance, non-toxic and clean property, UHMWPE material can be 
used in planet wheel, bottle convey 
counting bolt, filler bearing, bottle holder parts, washer guide bolts, air cylinder, gear, 
roller cone, chain wheel handle, which is easy-cleaning, long-enduring, and anti-mildew.
--Paper making machinery: With its performance of high wear resistance and good self-lubrication, 
UHMWPE material can be used in water suction tank cover, skew guide wheels,scrapper ,
bearing, nozzle, filter, oil tank, friction bar, felt cleaner.
--Textile machinery: With its performance of high-wear resistance, anti-impact and good 
self-lubrication, UHMWPE material can be used in scutcher, shock absorber shield, 
contactor, crankshaft connecting rod, picker stick, skew rod shaft sleeve, swing rear beam.
--Construction machinery/agriculture machinery: Bulldozer blade lining. Dumper ripper lining, 
tractor plow inner lining.
--Chemical machinery: Valve, pump, washer, filter, gear, nuts, seal rings, nozzle, plug, 
shaft sleeve, thread pipe.
--Port machinery/ship machinery: Ship parts, suspension bridge side roller, friction block.
Ordinary machinery: All types of gear, bushing, liner, sliding plate, clutch, guiding unit, 
brake, hinge, flexible coupler, roller, bearing wheel, fastening unit, platform sliding unit.
--Dyeing decor: Dip dyeing machine bearing, scrapper, sliding plate, lining washer, seal, 
framing guide disc,
--Culture and sport products: Snow dip liner, powered sledge, skating rink paver, ice field 
protection frame.
--Health care products: Shape righting surgery, artificial joint, artificial limb.
--Other: Cooling machine, nuclear power plant shield, electric galvanized parts, and ultra-low temperature machine parts.Mostly using of its high-wear resistance, high anti-impact resistance, anti-cold resistance, self-lubrication.



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