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UHMWPE Vacuum Suction Box Vacuum Film Drying Cover
UHMWPE Vacuum Suction Box Vacuum Film Drying Cover

Product Description

Product Description:

UHMWPE Suction box is  a box with a perforated cover over which the wire of a paper machine passes and to which suction is applied in order to remove water from the wet paper web.
It is a box connected with a suction pump and used (as for drying or cleaning) in a manufacturing process.

MaterialUHMWPE(Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
Designany design can be made as request
Colorblack,white,yellow,blue,red,orange or as request

on paper and pulp industry

paper machines


suction box covers

dewatering elements

suction hydrofoil

forming boards

foil covers

doctor blades

scraper blades

deflector blades

profile strips

Key Features and Benefits

wear-resistant UHMW-PE material

extremely smooth surface

low friction coefficient

a low level of adhesion

no adhesion excellent chemical resistance

for machines with speeds up to 800 m/min

Advantages of UHMWPE Sheet:

    Odourless, tasteless, and nontoxic,
    Has extremely low moisture absorption
    Very low coefficient of friction
    UHMWPE doesn't become brittle until the temperature gets below −150°C
    Lubricates itself and is highly abrasion resistant.
    It's resistant to water, moisture and most chemicals
    It's resistant to UV radiation, and micro-organisms.