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Black UHMW Polyethylene Plastic Sheet
Black UHMW Polyethylene Plastic Sheet

Product Description

UHMW Polyethylene has outstanding abrasion, wear, and impact resistance. UHMW is commonly 

fabricated into conveyers, machine guards, and equipment housings.

Excellent wear resistance,good low temperature impact resistance,self-lubricating,non-toxic,water 

and chemical resistance,heat resistance is better than general PE,the disadvantage is low heat resistance 

(heat distortion temperature), processing and forming Poor,outer surface hardness,rigidity,creep resistance

is not as good as general engineering plastics,the expansion coefficient is too large.UHMWPE has poor 

fluidity and high viscosity in molten state.It is a rubber-like high-viscosity elastomer.It can only be formed 

by pressing and sintering at an early stage.It can also be processed by extrusion,injection molding and 

blow molding.

  • Materials:Reprocessed UHMW PE

  • Standard Size:1220*2440mm,4*8 ft

  • Processing Method:Mould Pressing

  • Thickness:8~200mm

  • Density:0.94g/cm3

  • Molecular Weight:6,000,000

  • Water Absorption Rate:<0.01%

Black UHMW Polyethylene Plastic Sheet

Black UHMW Sheets Features:

    Incredible high abrasion resistance and wear resistance;

    Excellent impact resistance at low temperature;

    Good self-lubricationg performance,non-adherent surface;

    Unbreakable,good resilience,Super resistance of aging

    Odorless,tateless,and nontoxic;

    Extremely low moisture absorption;

    Very low coefficient of friction;

    Hightly resistant to corrosive chemicals except oxidixing acids.

Production Techniques And Equipment

Our uhmw sheets are made by moulding press,thickness 8~300mm.Comon full size of per 

sheet is 4*8ft (1220*2440mm).We offer customize service,UHMW Sheets can be cut to any 

size as customer's requirement.