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blak sheet
Polyethylene - UHMW (Conductive) Sheet . BLACK in Color

Product Description

CN-P (Conductive Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Carbon-powderfilled, self-lubricating, conductive material with excellent abrasion-resistance and high impact strength. This material is lightweight and easily machined, has good chemical and stress-crack resistance, and good wear-resistance.

SD-P (Static-dissipative Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Carbonpowder-filled, self-lubricating, moisture-repellent material with resistivity levels in the 105 - 109 range. This material has the highest impact strength, is lightweight, has excellent abrasion resistance, and possesses good chemical and stress-crack resistance.

Applications Include: 

• Metal replacement components 

• Bulk material handling equipment 

• Weigh/fill equipment components 

• Hopper/chute linings 

• Explosives handling equipment 

Advantages of Lennite CN-P and SD-P: 

• Low carbon loading (slough resistant) 

• Self lubricating (low coefficient of friction) 

• Excellent wear properties 

• Noise dampening properties 

• Exceptional abrasion resistance 

• Lightweight • Cost effective 

• Very low temperature compatibility 

Manufacturing Capabilities: 

Sheet: 1 /8” to 4” thick