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Product Description


XINXING provides complete size UHMWPE sheet :

1. 2000x1000x(10-300)mm 

2. 2250x1000x(10-300)mm

3. 2300x1200x(10-300)mm

4. 2500x1300x(10-300)mm

5. 3050x1220x(10-300)mm

6. 3000x1500x(10-300)mm

7 .4500x2000x(10-200)mm

8. 4700x1200x(10-150)mm

9. 5000x1300x(10-180)mm

10. 6100x1800x(10-200)mm

Any size within the standard size is available . 



Kinds of XINXING UHMWPE sheet

  • Natural virgin grade

  • Fender grade

  • Black anti static grade

  • Glass filled / Ceramic filled grade

  • Flame resistant grade

  • Green self lubricating grade

  • Natural high molecular grade  PE 500

XINXING UHMWPE sheet are widely used in 

  • Natural Virgin UHMW-PE

  • Chute and hopper linings (flow promotion)

  • Bulk storage

  • Material handling

  • Mechanical bearing parts

  • Wear parts

  • Food machinery equipment

  • · Fender grade 

  • Wear plates where dock meets pillage

  • Bushings for pivots

  • Fenders

  • Slide

  • Black anti static grade

  • Belt guides

  • Sliding and conveying elements

  • Bulk storage wear liners

  • Grain industry

  • Coal handling



      Glass filled / Ceramic filled grade

  • Dewatering elements

  • Foil blades

  • Suction box tops

  • Vacuum forming boards



      Flame resistant grade 

  • Underground mining

  • Scraper blades

  • Hopper liners

  • Liner beds

  • Wear profiles

  • Impact slider bars

  • Chain guides

  • · Green self lubricating grade 

  • Bulk storage flow promotion

  • Bulk storage wear liners

  • Mechanical chain guides

  • Mechanical wear strips

  • Natural high molecular grade  PE 500

  • Machine Parts

  • Guides and Fixtures

  • Gears and Rollers

  • Star wheels

  • Cutting Boards

  • Vacuum Table





The preferred field of use for this product are:

1.mechanical engineering

2.transport and conveyor technology

3.electrical engineering

4.general engineering

5.household appliances

6.plant construction

7 food industry.


Popular applications for the use of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Grade are:

  • Chemical apparatus

  • Plugs

  • Seals

  • Food processing

  • Insulators

  • Low load rollers

  • Pallets





Q:Is the size fixed?

A:No.we can meet your needs according to your acquirement. That is to say, we accept to customize.

Q: What is your MOQ of this item?

A: 500 kilograms. 

Q: Is it all right to make customer's own brand name?

A: That’s all right to engrave your own brand name. 

Q: What is your company's available production capacity?

A: Usually 9000 tonnes per year.

Q. Can you special order a product for me?

A. We are typically able to special order products for customers.OEM&ODM services.



Company Information

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest Engineering Plastic products manufacture in China.All the stuff in our company are dedicated to producing satisfying products and developing new products for our customer.
  We have gained many certificates from government and professional fields .We have a wide variety of products, mainly including all kinds of UHMW-PE Fender Pad ,UHMW-PE

Sheet ,HDPE Sheet ,PP Sheet ,Urethane Sheet ,PVC sheet and other Engineering plastic products.
  Our products are widely applied on electric fields ,wharf and port ,mining ,chemical plant and so on which bring a lot of social benefits and economic benefits .Now they are popular all over the world.
  We always share the things "Quality first, Customer first ,keeping improving " to win more benefits for our customer.
  In order to achieving rapid and sustainable development, we are willing to establish a wide and deep cooperation relation with enterprises both home and abroad.