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HDPE Slab for oil tube marks
HDPE Slab for oil tube marks

Product Description

Double color HDPE Sheet manufacture-Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd is the leading supplier and manufacture for the double color HDPE Sheets and layered HDPE Sheet.

Different color combine and size is available with us.

For double color HDPE Sheet, XINXING own the biggest machine and can extruded the largest size of different colorful HDPE Sheet mainly for children playground.


(high density polyethylene HDPE board ) melting point is 130 °C

The HDPE Board demonstrates excellent water and heat resistant properties.

ALSO HDPE SHEET HAS high chemical resistance

Has high rigidity and toughness

Excellent machinery intension

Dielectrical property

Better environmental stress crack resistance

Non-toxic , odourless

Has good low temperature resistance (the range -70~100°C),


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