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Single colour textured hdpe sheet
Single colour textured hdpe sheet

Product Description

The material of the HDPE texture sheet is the high density polyethylene, made by extruder machines. The sheet owns beautiful surface and the property is nearly same as the general hdpe sheet. Because the adding of the radiation protection additives, the UV-resisting is really well, the usage place could be indoors or outdoors. So many amusement equipment and advertising boards etc. manufactures choose this kind of boards to process their product.


HDPE texture sheets Main Properties

Excellent Abrasion-resistance

Good self-lubrication and low coefficient of friction

High anti-impact strength and good toughness

Good chemical corrosion resistance can resist almost all mediums such as acid,alcli and salt,but except for concen trated sul-phuric-acid,concentrated nitric and a few organic solvents.

Inodorous,in noxious and impenetrable

Good conductibility and ultra-low water absorbability

Good anti-environmental stress breakage property which is 200 times of ordinary ethylene

Good cold resistance property which isnit brittle even if at 176°C beiow zero.