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popular blue color HDPE ground protection anti slip mats
popular blue color HDPE ground protection anti slip mats

Product Description

Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mats

Withstands loads up to 80 tonnes, Pro-Tech Mats are the ultimate fast to-install temporary access and ground protection mat for moving and operating plant equipment and personnel over soft or sensitive ground.

Amazingly Tough & Flexible 

Tough 12mm thick high density polyethylene (HDPE) Pro-Tech Mats are virtually indestructible, weigh only 36 kgs and their in-built handles make moving and installation easy.

Slip-Resistant Surface 

The engineered surface design delivers ultimate grip and disperses mud whilst vehicles traverse. The design reduces sideways movement / slippage and delivers optimal forward traction.

Semi-Permanent Specialist Applications 

Connection options available for more permanent situations, steep terrain and very heavy and tracked equipment. 


a.Construction, civil engineering and groundwork

b.Pedestrian walkways

c.Emergency access routes

d.Temporary roadways and car parks

e.Utilities and infrastructure maintenance

f.Landscaping and protection of heritage or eco-sensitive areas

g.Golf course and sport field maintenance

h.Sports and leisure events

Size; Various sizes and thickness can be offered to suit your need.