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Red Ground Protection Mats.
Red Ground Protection Mats.

Product Description

Xinxing Mats, in order to satisfy customer special need in Track mats to solve the bad conditions of road , Xinxing engineers and workers 

learnt and invent our own designed machinery to produce all-round and multi utility , Xinxing Track mats is good for soft wet mud road ,

grass ,sliding path and different bad conditions .

Xinxing Mats is essential for the construction, civil engineering and ground work industries. It provides a temporary access and ground

 protection mat for outdoor leisure events. Xinxing Mats are ruggedly designed for fast and effective use. A wide range of connection options 

are available for long term deployment and demanding applications such as steep or sloping terrain, very heavy or tracked plant.

Xinxing Mats Pedestrian acts as both a pedestrian walkway and an access to vehicles.  It is particularly useful for leisure events as it incorporates 

the industry’s most effective non-slip, non-trip surface and has reflective markings for safety in the dark.


antislip textured black HDPE construction road mat, impact resistant plastic ground mat


- Multifunctional heavy duty ground protection / temporary access mat

- Suitable for vehicle & pedestrian access

- Anti-slip surface

- Suitable for up to 80 tonnes on flat ground, depending on ground condition

- Available in choice of colours & can be embossed with corporate name or logo

- Available in light coloured translucent form

- this reduces expansion on hot days, and also allows light through to the grass underneath to make sure it is not burnt

- Simple & fast to install with quick & easy to use connectors, & hand cut outs to aid off loading from vehicles

- Mats have an easy clean pattern which can be simply brushed down or hosed down to remove mud after use

Applications in Oil and Gas Industry

Acts as temporary roadway over virtually any type of terrain – Mud, Sand, Marshy, uneven or soft terrain

Can be reused in the same/different locations.