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HDPE track mats for pedestrian and big vehicles
HDPE track mats for pedestrian and big vehicles

Product Description

XINXING export our HDPE track mats to all over the world, these HDPE track mats are widely used on the temporary events. Besides the light duty track mats, XINXING also produce heavy duty track mats so for the track mats or temporary road mats, XINXING is your best choice.

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XINXING black HDPE temporary event ground mats can be used all kinds of events like wedding,meeting, celebration,all kinds of races and also as the temporary road, car parking and other applications.

XINXING temporary road mats is used for ground protection on soft ground or as a temporary roadway, these mats are designed to withstand traffic from heavy machinery and have a weight capacity of up to 60tonnes per mat. The surface pattern is non slip to increase traction and the pattern on the base of the mat is designed to hold the mats in place to prevent movement. 100% HDPE plastic not recycled HDPE therefor will not fracture or split like recycled material

These Ground Protection Mats are made from hard wearing HPDE plastic, this makes these track mats suitable for use outdoors and are UV resistant. Due to the applications these mats are designed to stand up to demanding situations and are a cost effective long term solution to traditional ply wood. The overall thickness is 19mm.

These mats are easy to keep clean and maintain by hosing off. They can be scrubbed when required with a washing detergent, please see the Cleaning Instructions for full details.

This mat is designed for heavy vehicle traffic.