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Yellow color HDPE Road way cover mats
Yellow color HDPE Road way cover mats

Product Description

HDPE Heavy equipment mats

Xinxing HDPE Heavy and light equipment mats are used for large construction sites and for vehicle access to build construction roadways. They are designed to provide superior performance on semi-permanent applications. These engineered mats enable heavy equipment to operate at full capacity on unstable or soft soil conditions. This will allow your project to stay on schedule, as well as provide a safe work environment for your crew. 

Our HDPE Heavy equipment mats can saving you on freight costs, giving you better overall ground protection and giving the most accurate load capabilities and exact deflections 

Our HDPE Heavy equipment mats have many applications : 

Temporary Road Access mats , Construction Sites mats , Pipeline Crossing Mats, Ground Protection mats, Swamp Mats, Rig Mats, Bridge Decks mats , Landfills mats , Crane Mats, Road Mats, Wetland Access Mats, and lawn protection mats 

World most popular size for HDPE Heavy equipment mats : 

2440X1220X12.7MM ,1820X910X12.7MM ,2440X2000X12.7MM ,3000X1500X12.7MM ,4000X2000X12.7MM ,

3000X2000X12.7MM ,3000X2500X12.7MM ,5000X1000X12.7MM 

Thickness can be from 10mm to 100mm 

Sold ground mats .Hollow mats is all available .. 

Advantages of portable UHMWPE/HDPE temporary road mats: 

Environmentally friendly and sustainable product, are resilient to absorbing liquids and contaminate, easily washed and certified clean; 

Easy handling with standard lifting lugs; 

Extremely durable and long lasting; 

safer, high insulating value, non-slipe base; 

Mat flexibility, portable; 

Shock absorption; 

Easy maintenance with less time to handle, lesss damage; 

No nails, less fat tires, no damage protruding boards 

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