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Red Ground protection mats
Red Ground protection mats

Product Description

They can protect turf from damage when heavy vehicles need to cross grassed areas and prevent equipment and vehicles from losing traction or sinking into soft ground and sand.

The mats do not suffer from the problems associated with using plywood for temporary roadways. They are virtually unbreakable, are not affected by water (no absorption, warping, rotting, delaminating) so can withstand the toughest conditions.

Strong steel joiners are used to connect adjacent mats together making a secure access road or a large firm area for work, parking or storage. Steel fixing pins can be used to secure the panels in place to avoid movement or slippage.

With different tread surfaces for vehicle or pedestrian uses the panels are versatile enough for a wide range of problem areas.

For heavy vehicles and equipment:

Construction sites

Temporary access roads

Utility maintenance

Civil engineering works

Emergency access

Platforms for equipment

Agricultural roads

Event flooring and paths

Caravan parks

Military bases

For pedestrian applications:

Outdoor shows

Temporary pedestrian access paths

Safe walkways on construction sites

Maintenance walkways

Emergency access

Viewing areas

Special events

Environmental Protection

Today it is vitally important to protect natural ground surfaces and habitats. Use ground protection mats to create temporary roadways and pathways over sensitive ground such as peat bogs and moorland tracks.

Fire Safety And Static Electricity

If ignited the mats do not spread the flame and they can be extinguished. Being made from high density polythene, they do not promote the flow of electricity so there is no build up of static electricity when they are used.

Outline Specification

Material: Polythene

Colour: Black,white, yellow ,green and other customized colour

Length: 2400mm

Width: 1200mm

Weight: up to 40kg per mat approx.

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