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HDPE Light duty ground mats.
HDPE Light duty ground mats.

Product Description

Light duty ground mats

Pressure Molded HDPE Mats for Ground Protection, Pathways, Parking and Walkways

Compression Molded HDPE Access Mats for temporary pathways and walkways as well as temporary roadways and parking surfaces - GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO LAYING DOWN PLYWOOD.

Engineered Chevron Traction* Surface: Rugged nub pattern substantially improves grip and traction and minimizes sideway slippage, while allowing forward motion of heavy equipment and vehicles.

Reversible Low Profile Surface: Reduces the threat of invasive species or cross contamination between sites.

Lighter, Thinner, and Easy to Transport:   LibertyMats can be loaded onto trailers, containers or railcars to reduce transportation costs.

Flexible:   Easy installation on uneven ground.