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Black High-Density UV resistant Polyethylene (HDPE) -industrial recycled plastic
Black High-Density UV resistant Polyethylene (HDPE) -industrial recycled plastic

Product Description

Made from high-density polyethylene, our market-leading plastic ground cover mats are highly flexible yet incredibly tough and are ideal to reduce axle weight pressures as well as the risk of damage to sensitive undulating surfaces such as sports pitches, stately gardens and school playing fields.

Designed for medium duty vehicular access, GROUND PROTECTION MATS provide the perfect solution for a speedy and versatile roadway system across tricky ground conditions.

Ground protection mats have joining holes: one in each corner and four in the centre line (two on each 2.44m side) to create multi-directional roadways of nearly any size or shape.  Ground protection Mats can be connected using metal joining irons and require no specialist tools.

When you use TEMPORARY ROADWAY MATS, ground cover will be installed quickly, easily and safely by just 2 persons with no need for specialist plant or tools – making them the perfect solution for short-term use on sensitive ground with awkward access. The raised chevron surface also provides a high level of traction for general site traffic and rubber-tracked machinery.