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Ground Protection Mats for Lawns and Heavy Equipment Construction
Ground Protection Mats for Lawns and Heavy Equipment Construction

Product Description

The Ground Cover Mat consists of polyethylene plastic, offering a coverage size of almost 

4 by 8 feet per unit. With 78 pounds of weight per mat, a few people can work together 

to move these mats into place by hand, using the hand holes on the sides and ends of 

each mat.

The Mat unit can support loads up to 90 tons. It has a slightly flexible design, allowing 

it to mold to the slight undulations in the ground, giving vehicles the stability they need 

to travel safely in the area without becoming stuck.


Our incredibly strong and versatile dura-base mat has enabled contractors and builders 

to get their job done by providing a safe, solid, yet temporary base for cranes, transport 

vehicles and staging areas.  Our dura-base is the ideal solution for soft or shifting soils 

and inadequate sub-grades because it distributes the weight of extreme loads over an 

extensive surface area and keeps your equipment out of the mud. We have provided 

jobsite access for building hospitals, remodeling commercial buildings, constructing 

stadiums, and so much more.

We partner with you to deliver full-service site and access solutions that reduce operating 

risk and provide exceptional value.


Work crews need road mats often.  Their heavy equipment and trucks may need access 

through fields and unforgiving terrain.  Mud, sand or boggy conditions may slow down 

progress or grind your project to a standstill.  At Xinxing, we know what type and size 

mats your equipment needs for a high quality portable roadway.  You can count on 

our wooden and composite mat inventory to provide the temporary site access you need.