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polyethylene ground protection for grass protection
polyethylene ground protection for grass protection

Product Description

Manufactured using strong, high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) makes these mats the best on the market.  Constructed from a solid sheet of molded material, these ground protection mats are solid. This provides greater strength and shear resistance than layered, hollow or laminated systems. There are also no weak spots to break, chip or separate. Sections are 1/2” thick at the core. This does not including tread pattern height. We offer the ground protection mats in black and white. For grass protection in warm weather, white mats will prevent the browning and overheating of the grass below.

Use polyethylene ground protection mats to create temporary roadways for vehicles, trucks and equipment. These mats are also great for bone yards, drilling platforms and events.

Polyethylene ground protection mats is your answer to job site access when you need to protect valuable turf from damage. Place ground protection mats over marshy terrain, mud and sand.


 Protects valuable turf during construction projects

 Creates an instant roadway over virtually any terrain including mud, sand, marsh, uneven or soft terrain. These are also good for events such as weddings.

 Superior alternative to plywood and fiberglass — will not warp, rot, crack or delaminate

 Supports weights up to 80 tons

 Pedestrian-friendly surface