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Temporary access for pedestrians and vehicles
Temporary access for pedestrians and vehicles

Product Description

Protect the ground

This temporary ground protection mat is designed for outdoor use,can be used as a temporary roadway, it is suitable for cars, forklifts, diggers, trucks cranes and vehicles up to 80 tonnes. Driving over with a heavy load will not cause significant damage to the ground. Not only this, but the colour customisation available makes the perfect temporary road mat for outdoor events and sports events.

Quick & easy to install

Temporary ground protection mat is simple and fast to install, with either 2 or 4 way connectors. This ground protection mat has an easy-to-clean pattern which can be brushed or hosed down.

Features & Advantages of temporary road matting

Temporary ground protection mat for vehicles & pedestrians

Temporary walkway & temporary road surface

Reversible anti-slip surface

Suitable for heavy traffic up to 80 tonnes

Lightweight and heavy-duty connectors available

Enquire about minimum order quantities for customisation

Create a large protected area using the connectors

Quick and easy to install, 50m² covered in 15 minutes

100% recyclable