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Temporary road mat and walkways
Temporary road mat and walkways

Product Description

Xinxing temporary road and walkways are made from recycled plastic. They are used to protect the surface and to keep the soft or wet subsoils accessible. Plastic ground protection mats are increasingly being used instead of steel, especially in applications where a lighter load occurs, or where the use of steel plates causes great damage. Thanks to its low weight, Temporary road mat can easily be laid by two people without any equipment.

Product characteristics:

anti-slip button structure


fast and easy handling

high wear resistance

suitable for frequent use

easy to clean


Xinxing ground protection mats are available in many standard sizes. Other sizes are available on request. Ground protection mats is especially designed for use as a walkway. 







Some examples of applications of Xinxing temporary road and walkways are:

protection of pavements

protection of lawns

paths in greenhouses

infrastructural works



temporary storage areas    

Optionally, Xinxing plastic sheets can be provided with the following extras:

company name or logo through a coloured text tape or by milling

milled handles or towing rings

different colours