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PE box for Barbecue
PE box for Barbecue

Product Description

Simply pack the cube with your favourite meat, fish or vegetables and insert the skewers through the top. Then simply insert a knife through the slots to cut the contents into kebabs. The cube is designed to make skewers insertion easy, as well as a perforated top to help guide the knife through the slots for easy cutting. All kebabs once cut are square so great for display and easy to cook. 


     Our  kebabs  are manufactured to offer a distinct way of preparing bamboo skewered food. and it is specially engineered with air ventilation holes that allow for an even flow of air circulation.  This will make the coal burn evenly preventing any spot heat. it will cook uniformly  on each corner.  The coal compartment creates a layer of spacing between the charcoal and the bottom of the grill.  The tray also serves as a skeleton to prevent the grill from warping or deforming.


     Our products are designed to last a lifetime! For best results natural organic lump wood coal is recommended which reduces to a fine ash and can be easily tipped out after the grill has cooled, leaving minimal cleaning.Cooking on the apparatus is also quite simple. Place your skewered food so that the ends of the bamboo sticks hang over the sides and the food suspends directly over the heat. Simply turn the skewer until the food is ready to serve. During the roasting process, the natural juices drip onto the hot coals sending a wonderful smoky BBQ aroma through the air.




Step 1. Accemble and place the body of skewer maker box onto the base.


Step 2. Fill the Cube with portions of meat.

Layer pieces of meat. Filling the cube and cover the entire area in the cage.  For a variety of Skewers, feel free to use

layers of fish, vegetables, or even bread and cheese. Be creative, remember, you are the Artist.


Step 3. Put the lid on and start to skewer

Place top lid on and push bamboo skewers from top to bottom.  Use the metal spike to pre-skewer if needed. Skewers will line up through the bottom skewer holes.


Step 4. Cutting

Use a sharp knife, by cutting through the slots in the cube as guides. Do one side and then turn 90 degrees and repeat at right angles to previous cuts.


Step 5. Taking the lid off and remove the bady of skewer maker box  ready for cooking or simply pack and freeze for when you need them.

Our skewer maker boxes are made of HDPE sheet and processed by CNC machine, NOT  injection moulding or ABS