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Red UHMWPE/HDPE strip | UHMWPE/hdpe Profile
Red UHMWPE/HDPE strip | UHMWPE/hdpe Profile

Product Description

UHMW-PE Wear-resisting strips

UHMW-PE  Wear-resisting strips (UHMWPE Sliding bar , UHMW-PE Bar)


Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene is often referred to as the world toughest polymer.Reinforced Ultra-high-molecular weight Polythene Board is a type of thermo-plastic ,which combines the advantage characteristics of all types of plastic , featuring in the excellence  of withstanding wear and tea r, resisting impact and chemical corrosion ,self-lubricating ,working against low temperature, being low in abrasion loss ,light in weight ,absorbing energy ,anti-ageing ,retarding inflaming and preventing build-up of static electricity .It is widely used in the interior lining of coal house of thermo power plants ,coal mines and coking plants etc. ,the raw material storehouse of cement factories ,steel mills and aluminum factories ,the granary of food industry ,feedstuff industry and pharmaceutical factories as well the hoppers at wharfs.

1. Non-Toxic and smell

2. Low coefficient of friction

3. Corrosion resistant

4. Abrasion and impact resistant

5. Anti-Weather and Anti-Aging

6. Self-lubricating

7. Wear Resistant

8. Great liner material for industrial material handling applications

9. UV Resistant/ultraviolet-resistance sheet

10. High Operating Temperature

11. High Tensile Strength

12. High Viscosity

13. Flame Retardant

14. Reprocessed

15. 7 times lighter than steel

16. 3 times lighter than aluminum

Different size and color can be made by your requirements.

The molecular weight that we have is from 3 million to 10 million.