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Suction box cover/Plastic Suction Box Covers
Suction box cover/Plastic Suction Box Covers

Product Description


At machine speeds of up to approx. 600 m/min


Supply range

Forming board trailing blade / forming board covers

Forming board trailing blades



Suction box covers

Felt suction strips



All materials are produced through lengthy sinter pressing processes with extremely long press cycles. 

This enables us to produce covers up to 12 m long with no welding seams and also ensures a tension-free 

internal structure compared with the typical standard sinter press process and extrusion.



PE dewatering elements have a high level of thermal expansion. They must therefore be installed in such a way that enables the strips or covers to expand without restriction (T-bars, corner strips, dovetail guides, screws in elongated holes). The base frame support must have a grid of approx. 250 mm to ensure flawless functionality for our covers. This support must extend to the underside of the cover to ensure it has a flat installation surface.