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UHMWPE Plastic Grille for oil tank filtration
UHMWPE Plastic Grille for oil tank filtration

Product Description

Product description

An overview of the Grille,.A bulky waste into the intercept wastewater pretreatment facility.Article is composed of a set of parallel metal gate made of a metal frame, oblique on the waste water flows through the channel, or at the inlet of the pump station set pool, to interdiction of chunk is suspended or solid pollutants floating state, so as not to block the exhaust pipe pump and tank.

Intercept effect depends on the nature of the slit width and water.The gap width between grille bars can be according to the requirement of the remove dirt and water pump set, artificial remove grille clearance generally from 16 to 25 mm.Grit chamber or grille before settling basin generally USES 15 to 30 mm, up to 40 mm.

There are three kinds of commonly used mechanical slag removal equipment, namely, chain, mobile and wire rope traction type grille decontamination machine.According to the article grille lattice spacing is different, the size of the grille is divided into three classes in the coarse grid, grid and fine grid.

According to the slag removal methods of the grille, artificial grille, screen machine and hydraulic remove grille 3 kinds.According to the grid structure characteristics can be divided into different grasp rake, circulating, arc, rotary drum type, rotary, harrow type and a variety of forms such as cascade.Grille equipment commonly used in sewage treatment of irrigation channel or pumping station on the set at the inlet of the pool, main effect is to remove larger suspension or debris in the water, in order to reduce the follow-up processing load of water treatment process, and protect pumps, pipes, instruments, etc.

When the intercept grid slag quantity is greater than 0.2 m3 / d, generally USES mechanical slag removal way;Grid slag quantity is less than 0.2 m3 / d, can adopt methods of slag removal machine slag removal methods may be adopted.Grid application in building construction, decoration design, sewage treatment, has been widely used in the fields of engineering application