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Serrated HDPE/UHMWPE strips
Serrated HDPE/UHMWPE strips

Product Description

HDPE/UHMWPE CNC parts for Machinery manufacturing industry 

packaging machinery 

general machinery 

paper manufacturing machinery 

textile machinery 

HDPE sheets has good abrasion resistance, impact resistance, so it is widely used in machinery manufacturing industry, can produce all kinds of gear, roller, 

CAM, impeller, roller, pulley, bearings, bearings, bushings, cutting shaft, gasket, seal, flexible coupling, screws and other mechanical parts.

Core machining abilities & technologies 

Machine the most difficult materials 

Maintain superior finish and close tolerances 

Excellence in burr control 

Stress relieving capabilities 

Annealing knowledge 

Post curing techniques and surface treatments 

We are committed to meeting all of the requirements and qualifications of our high-technology customers, including special cleaning, marking, certification and packaging to industry specifications. 

Please contact us with your project requirements - we will support you on material selection, provide accurate design recommendations and supply your machined parts or put together complete assemblies .